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What Is Market Research?

Here’s one way to think of it:What is market research?

market research is the gathering and studying of data relating to consumer preferences, purchasing power, etc., especially prior to introducing a product on the market.

Simply put, the purpose of market research is to get feedback from consumers on the products and services you use every day so companies can make decisions based on what their customers want. Whether they are launching a new product or trying to improve an existing service, your opinion counts.

These companies need your input, and typically pay $50 to $250 for your participation.

Engage works on research studies that cover a wide variety of topics, including:

Research Studies

  • TV viewing
  • Ad effectiveness
  • Website and software design
  • Automobiles
  • Mock Trials
  • Dial Testing
  • Consumer electronics
  • Food products and preparation
  • Music and entertainment habits
  • Medical conditions
  • And more…

Our clients turn to us to find highly qualified individuals to take part in these studies, and Engage has a reputation for delivering above and beyond, thanks to our diverse and responsive nationwide database.